Safety is engrained in our company’s culture.  It is part of our corporate DNA.  Our business philosophy is centered upon the recognition that our people are our most valuable asset.  We proudly accept our paramount responsibility to provide our employees with the necessary training to safely perform their work; as well as to provide and maintain a safe work environment for all of our employees.

Continuous education is key for our leaders to be prepared to lead their teams in the safest and most efficient way possible.  Each year Eutaw hosts a Leadership and Safety Conference for our employees.  It is two full days of learning, reflecting, and strategic planning for Eutaw led by keynote speakers and Eutaw leadership.  Taking two full days off from the field might seem costly to some, but it is a price we are willing to pay to make sure that we have invested everything we can into our team and have given them the tools they need to be successful.  Safety practices and equipment evolve every year, and we want to be ahead of the curve.

Eutaw’s Management is fully committed to achieving a safety culture of ZERO HARM in the workplace through continuous improvement of safety systems and procedures. This core standard is promoted and supported by all employee-owners at all levels. Zero Harm, as a goal, is about continuous safety improvement and is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Everyone, at all levels, is fully responsible for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.
  • Work-related Injuries are preventable.
  • No task is more important than anyone’s safety.
  • Safety hazards must first be identified and then their risks must be mitigated.
  • Safety performance must be constantly reviewed and improved.
  • Honest feedback must be given to all employee-owners regarding their contribution to safety.

To assist in implementing these principles, Eutaw has developed specific Safety and Health Programs. These programs provide the foundation for maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to the safety and well-being of all our employee-owners. It is essential that everyone takes part in our Safety and Health Program. We all deserve a safe place to work, and to that end, nothing less than total adherence to our Safety Policy will be required as we strive toward becoming a ZERO HARM workplace.

Eutaw is committed to the empowerment of all our employee-owners, such that anyone may report an unsafe condition, safety hazard, and/or unsafe act without fear of reproach or reprisal.  The monitoring of safety performance is an important management tool and is a significant part of the ongoing assessment of all levels of management and employees.

Eutaw has received numerous awards from various construction related associations for maintaining a low frequency safety record.  We believe that safety is essential part to the culture of any successful business, and our employee-owners hold one another accountable to make sure that we all work safely each day.  It’s not calling each other out, it’s calling out the best in each other.


"There is nothing more important to Eutaw's entire management staff than doing everything we can to send our men and women back home safely from their day's work."