The Eutaw Way

“There is nothing more important to me and Eutaw’s entire management staff, than doing everything we can to send our men and women back home safely from their day’s work.”


Safety is engrained in our company’s culture. It is part of our corporate DNA. Our business philosophy is centered upon the recognition that our people are our most valuable asset. We proudly accept our paramount responsibility to provide our employees with the necessary training to safely perform their work; as well as, to provide and maintain a safe work environment for all our employees.

Safety is no accident. We understand that safe working conditions do not exist by chance. Rather, safety is achieved through careful attention and strict adherence to Eutaw’s safety policies. Accountability is a core concept that we use to promote safety by those who are both directly and indirectly involved in construction operations. Achieving safety in the workplace requires the cooperation of not only Eutaw management and supervisors; but also, it requires a commitment to safety between each employee and their fellow workers.

Hundreds of jobs safely completed

Thousands of hours

of safety training and certifications


  • Comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety Policies and Procedures that meet or exceed industry standards
  • Zero-tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Substantial Onboarding Safety Orientation Program for all new hires
  • Continuous Online Safety Training for employees
  • Annual In-Person Safety & Leadership Training for key employees
  • Web-based Field-accessible Hazardous Communication Program
  • iPad-hosted field safety reporting programs for performing regular safety meetings, inspections, near-miss reporting and accident & incident investigations
  • OSHA Certifications required for Superintendents & Foremen